Reviewing the Balisong Knife

The Balisong Knife which is sometimes referred to as a Butterfly Knife is possibly one of the most popular types of knife but, as it is illegal in many countries and States, not as many people have them as probably would like. Although you would probably think that if a knife has been made illegal, it must have been used in a lot of violent crimes, in this instance that isn’t the case. The Balisong knife was made illegal because too many people were hurting themselves with them. The reason why people were hurting themselves or cutting themselves with them is because with this knife, people like to do tricks and as with all tricks, those tricks had to be learned and practiced and it was during this learning process that the people were getting cut. This happened in the 1940s after American soldiers serving in the Philippines brought these knives back with them. This knife has a blade that is approximately 4.25 inches long but what makes it different from other smaller pocket knives is that the handle on these knives splits to allow the blade to be placed in the middle where as other knives don’t. The splitting handle allows the blade to be inserted into the handle a number of different ways and similarly there is a number of different ways it can be released. When these different methods of securing the blade or releasing the blade are done very quickly, it is a very impressive sight and that is what the people were trying to do but as they made mistakes and the blades were sharp, many of them would receive a cut and a cut deep enough to warrant professional medical treatment. It was the large number of people that were seeking medical attention due to practicing with their Balisong knives which prompted many governments to declare that the knives were no longer legal. Today there are far less instances of Balisong knives hurting people and not just because they are illegal many places but because there is now something called a Balisong training knife. A training knife is designed similarly to a real Balisong knife except the blade is harmless and will not cut you if you were to have an accident whilst trying to do impressive opening and closing of the blade. Training knives can also be very cheap even as low as just $10 which is very cheap considering that the real ones can cost as much as $200 or more but you can go to for more information. It is for this reason that even in countries where balisong knives are legal; most people originally start with a training knife. Some of the more expensive training knives can look identical to the real thing though and so if you think you have found a bargain on somewhere like Amazon, just be aware that due to them being illegal in most places, they only deal with training knives of this type and so regardless of the online description, it will not be real.